• 4 Wheel Drive Posi-Traction System:

The GolfBoard is driven by front and back gear boxes providing power to all four wheels. This proprietary 4 wheel Posi-Traction feature provides solid climbing ability even on the steepest hills while simultaneously reducing turf wear.

  • Intuitive Controls:

The GolfBoard is primarily controlled using an ergonomically designed one-touch thumb throttle which allows the user to smoothly accelerate and decelerate, plus turn on and off the board. The throttle mechanism also features an intelligent LED battery charge level indicator.  A Hi / low speed option mounted on the Stability Bar allows the user to set their maximum speed preference, along with a forward / reverse function that provides optimal maneuverability.

  • Industrial Strength Motors & Enclosed Drivetrain:

The GolfBoard uses the highest quality industrial grade electric motors and fully enclosed drivetrain to ensure reliability and low maintenance.  Built to handle high-power industrial applications, the GolfBoard's motors are expected to be maintenance free for several years before requiring a simple and low coast replacement of the motor's brushes.  

  • 4" By 11" Turf Tires:

The GolfBoard utilizes tires specifically made for golf course use. Produced by the world's leading manufacturer of turf equipment tires, GolfBoard's gentle-on-the-turf 4" by 11" tires provide maximum traction while minimizing turf wear. With the GolfBoards low weight of only 125 pounds distributed over the same surface area as much heavier equipment, there is substantially less impact and pressure on the turf than a fully loaded golf cart.

  • Automatic Braking:

Ease of use and safety is optimized by an on-board computer that monitors speed and controls braking.   The rider simply releases the thumb throttle, and the board immediately decelerates and comes to a complete stop. Then an automatic rear axle parking brake locks the board in position even on the steepest terrain.  This provides you a stable structure to step off, and won't allow the GolfBoard to roll away even if you come to a stop at a tricky sidehill shot.

  • Commercial Rental and Personal Use Options:

GolfBoard riders have the ability to select either high speed or low speed modes of operation. For the Commercial Use Board, low speed is a gentle 5 mph, allowing first time users the ability to practice turning and operating the board with security and confidence. Once new users have perfected their GolfBoarding skills, they can advance to a maximum speed of 10 mph. For personal use, GolfBoard offers an optional high performance package with low speed of 7 mph, and a maximum high speed of 12.5 mph on flat terrain, plus up to 14 mph down hill. This 25% to 40% increase in maximum speed also provides faster acceleration for those riders looking for a more adventuresome experience.

GolfBoard's unique and proprietary features make it best-in-class
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